Speedy Net is a new social network. With Speedy Net you can communicate with your friends. Speedy Net is open to free registration for people from all countries and ages (no age limit!). The site is vegan and vegetarian friendly. It is currently available in 11 languages.

The founders of Speedy Net are vegan, support animal rights and object to experiments on animals. Speedy Net is a social network friendly for vegan and vegetarian people and animals.

We decided to limit the number of friends on Speedy Net to 800. We encourage you to add as friends only people you know personally. You can select which details will appear on your profile as public, which details only to friends and which details will be private. Private details will appear only to you.

You can use our new app, Speedy Match, to find matching people for dating. Speedy Match is open to singles of all ages.

All the features on Speedy Net and Speedy Match are free of charge. Join Speedy Net today to find friends, it only takes a few minutes. Click here to join.

Speedy Net is a free software & open source project. If you want to help developing and improving Speedy Net, please contact me by email.

Speedy Net is named after Speedy, a female dog that was with us for many years and died in 2003. Speedy gave birth to 7 puppies in 1988.

Speedy Net is currently in alpha. It was launched in June 2012.

Thank you and good luck,
Uri Rodberg
Founder and director of Speedy Net and Speedy Match,
Speedy Paz Technologies Ltd.